29 Creative Tyres Upcycling Projects and Ideas

Let’s get this straight – upcycling has nothing to do with cycling up the hill.

Ok, so what upcycling actually is? Something like recycling? Well yes, but it is more like reusing, but more awesome. Upcycling is reusing of discarded objects and transforming them in a creative way into different products giving them different purpose than their original one. We, at 24/7 Waste Removal, took a look at the recycling process and have shown you that improper recycling could harm the environment, so give upcycling a try – you will be surprised how much fun it can be.

In the UK, nearly 55 million tyres go to waste every year and since there are 35 million vehicles in the streets, the number doesn’t look that high. But it is high. And the thread of their improper disposal is even higher for the environment causing land and water pollution and for local communities who constantly fight against fly-tipping and fires caused from it.

There is more than one way to reuse tyres: they can be a fuel source for cement kilns or be recycled and then used in in products like shoes, flooring and road surfaces. But when you get to see the story from a different, upcycling point of view, the list of possible tyres reuses becomes almost endless – from furniture through garden decorations to children playgrounds.

We are sure these ideas will ignite your creativity and soon you will be trying a tyre upcycling project on your own, being able to add even more ideas to our list of 29 upcycling tyres ideas.

Here you will find ideas that:

  1. Your kids will love
  2. Your pets will enjoy
  3. Will freshen up your garden
  4. Will improve your interior in a stylish way
  5. Are extremely useful and clever

Upcycled items bring children even more fun

Upcycled Minion

Who would have anything against a minion made from tyres? Nobody! You can see how this minion is made in this youtube video.


Upcycled tyre swing

Upcycled swings which kids will enjoy

Upcycled playground is even more fun

Upcycled See-saw

This see-saw was made by Kacie McKissick. You can learn more about it by browsing her pinterest profile.

Upcycled sandbox made from tyres


Your pets will appreciate the upcycling efforts

Upcycled dog bed

Their pleasure is guaranteed and you don’t have to worry if they would eat their bed. Please note that the pink colour on the first picture is absolutely optional, more about the it project you can find here.


Upcycled tyres are perfect for garden decoration and flower planters

Personalise your garden with these creative ideas. Create your very own upcycled flower planters and garden furniture and your back yard will have a brand new look in no time.

Repurpose your tyres in garden decoration

Upcycled flower planter

Upcycled city garden

Upcycled terrace table

Stylish upcycled garden area


Upcycling ideas for your home – improve your interior and exterior in an upcycling way

Upcycled tyres interior

Upcycling ideas for your home

This is beautiful red ottoman was not that hard to make. More information you can find here

Upcycled ottoman

Upcycled chair made with old tyres

Upcycled lightings

Tyres lighting interior


Useful and clever tyres upcycling ideas

Tyres bike stand

Upcycled mirror

Umbrella stand made from a tyre

Recycle bins made from tyres

Upcycled tyre subwoofer

This subwoofer is an actual product you can find here. The ones with more skills can try doing one on their own.

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