Correct Disposal of White Goods in London

When your washing machine has performed its last spin or your freezer no longer keeps food Arctic cold there are many options when it comes to the disposal of these unwanted white goods. Replacing these items only takes a few clicks online or a short drive to your local appliance store but disposal of the old equipment is a little bit more complex.

White goods is the name given to household appliances such as dishwashers, fridges, freezers and washing machines. In 1990 our attention was grabbed by headlines referring to CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons) and how the disposal of these white goods, and the CFC coolant they contain, leads to environmental damage. Images of discarded fridges on the roadside caused public anger and helped reduce illegal dumping. It also served to increase awareness of recycling options. Modern day living means we can’t do without these vital pieces of equipment so we need to carefully consider their correct and safe disposal.

The Effect of CFC’s on the Environment

CFC’s have been used as a refrigerant in fridges and freezers as well as foam insulation inside the appliances walls. They are a chemical compound of carbon, fluorine, chlorine and hydrogen. In 1994 it was brought to our attention that this combination had very harmful effects on the planet’s ozone layer. The chemicals can leak from the appliances if they’re not disposed of in the correct way. CFC’s have been replaced by HCFC’s (hydrochloroflurocarbons), which aren’t quite so damaging but are still noxious chemicals that need to be disposed of in a responsible way.

First Option – Reuse or Refurbish

Before considering recycling it’s a good idea to investigate the possibility of reusing or refurbishing your unwanted appliances. Your local area may have a scheme that collects fridges, washing machines and other equipment that’s still functioning before passing them on to someone in need. You could also consider donating your appliance to a homeless shelter or other worthy charitable cause. You may even know a neighbour in need.

Appliance Recycling

24/7 Waste Removal LogoWhen you need to dispose of white goods your local recycling centre (often run by your Local Council) will receive and recycle your unwanted electrical goods, including IT equipment and white goods. Contact your Local Council for further details. Another alternative is to contact a company who specialises in white goods disposal such as 24/7 Waste Removal. They’ll ensure your items are transported to the nearest centre where all the hazardous materials will be removed safely. The steel and plastic parts will be shredded and then used to make something new. Recycling centres are also excellent places to pay a visit if you’re looking for some spare parts, such as oven shelves or fridge drawers.

If you need help disposing of your unwanted white goods give 24/7 Waste Removal a call. They have a wealth of options in their service list and you’re sure to find one to suit you whatever you need to get rid of. They’ve the experience, knowledge and understanding of the latest regulations to perform their services safely, carefully and with careful consideration for the environment.

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